My favorite Mount Tambourine & Lamington National Park holiday photos

Mt Tambourine

Thought I’d share some of my favorite photos I just took while on a short holiday at Mount Tambourine.

Mount Tamborine holiday

We decided to visit Mount Tamborine in Qld for the first genuine holiday we’ve taken in an age. It’s a lovely little township and while a tad touristy for my taste we managed to be there during the quiet season over Christmas. My favorite part of the holiday was hiking the trails at both Mount Tamborine and Lamington National Park.

This gorgeous cottage at the end of Gallery Walk in Mount Tamborine was captivating. I immediately fell in love with the cottage garden out front. Simply stunning.


I should add that my holiday would not have been fun without my best friend of almost 20 years joining me. Thanks Chad for a great holiday.

Mount Tamborine nature walks

Let’s face it, this is me blogging… basically I took about 600 photos of dirt, bark, trees and landscapes and about 5 photos of Chad. He was very patient as I took ten steps then took a photo and so on for our entire trip. Here’s some of the highlights…


I must admit to having more than a passing interest in bark. I find it quite beautiful.

red leaf

Yes, this wouldn’t be a blog about a nature walk without the obligatory stunning leaf found on the trail. Very pretty!


The contrast in color between the new growth and the old was hard to pass up.


The sunlight hitting the water droplets on this spiderweb took this photo to a whole new level. I love how it highlights the funnel part of the web.


The rains really brought out the colors in the trees. It was like a fairy land all around us.

Strangler fig

I’m a real texture fan. I love the shapes and colors in this Strangler Fig.

Mount Tamborine

Hard to believe that death adders live here and hunt at night.

Large tree

Can you believe that this is one of the “small” trees? Simply beautiful.

a pocket of sunshine

Small pockets of sunshine really made the forest come alive.

green reflections

I really must think of different adjectives to describe the beauty. It is so lush, even the reflections are green.


Waiting for the sun to peek through the rain clouds for this shot was so worth it. See how it brings out the gold in the rocks below, the blue of the water and the greens of the reflections. This is probably my favorite photo of the bunch… what’s your favorite?


I only saw a couple of these, but I love how an individual fern attaches itself to the trees in this manner. Fascinating!

creek crossing

There were a couple of this style of creek crossing on this particular walk in the Joalah section. Joalah is an Aboriginal term meaning, “haunt of the lyrebird.”

leaf shadow

I thought we’d come to a “boring” section of the walk. It was a bit messy after the strong winds that had come through the night before and I was joking how nature was being messy and wasn’t co-operating with my desire to take beautiful photos. Then I noticed this rock with a palm front that had fallen on it. I was immediately captivated by the shadow it created.

Lamington National Park photos

road into park

You know you’re in for a treat when the road into the National Park is as stunning as this.


Yep, it wouldn’t be a true nature walk if I didn’t take photos of the interesting fungus along the way.

large tree

Almost makes you believe in fairies… and took me back to all the books I read about fairies as a child.

Elabana Falls

A delightful waterfall. Elabana Falls is just beyond Picnic Rock on the Box Circuit in the O’Rielly section of Lamington National Park.


Yep. I love lichens as well.

Horizon heading down the mountain

At the end of a wonderful day hiking, we were granted one last gift on the way down the mountain. Well, I should say that “I” was granted the gift as someone couldn’t be bothered getting out of the car.

I hope you enjoyed viewing my holiday photos as much as I enjoyed taking them. (all images are copyrighted)



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